Goodness of Aariketh’s Jamun/Karela Juice (Madhuknocker)

Goodness of Aariketh's Jamun/Karela Juice (Madhuknocker)

The health benefits of jamun, java plum, jambul, black plum or Indian blackberry are numerous. And, one of the most important reasons behind the popularity of this berry is its low glycemic index.

This healthy berry is a delicious fruit and can help you reduce your blood sugar levels easily. However, this fruit is not easily available in India throughout the year. So, you can go for a pack of jamun juice to manage your diabetes easily. Jamun juice for diabetes care is often available in combination with karela or bitter gourd to effectively reduce your blood sugar levels naturally.

Goodness of Aariketh’s
Jamun/Karela Juice (Madhuknocker)

Here is an healthy pack of jamun juice that will help you manage your diabetes easily. This juice is made from a blend of the extracts of jamun seeds, karela and other essential ingredients that collectively work to reduce your blood sugar levels. Besides helping you manage diabetes, this juice can even help you improve your energy levels and lower your bad cholesterol levels.
This juice is free from added sugar and colour. So, you will get the true flavour of the ingredients.

Jamun juice: FAQs

When should we drink jamun juice?

Freshly prepared jamun juice can be consumed in the morning or soon after lunch. However, if you are going for a packaged jamun juice in combination with other fruits and vegetables, you need to check the instructions on the packaging.

Is jamun juice good for health?
Besides helping you manage your blood sugar levels, jamun juice can even help you detoxify your body. So, you can get healthy and glowing skin in a few weeks after regular consumption of jamun juice.

Does jamun juice help in weight loss?
A regular intake of jamun juice can improve your body’s metabolism rate. This will help you burn unwanted fat and reduce weight. However, you may not see much difference in your weight if you are following an unhealthy diet.

What are the other ingredients often combined with jamun juice?
You can find a variety of packs of jamun juice in combination with neem, karela and other natural ingredients. All these common ingredients will help you collectively keep a check on your overall health and blood sugar levels.

The shelf life of the pack is 18-24 months from the date of manufacturing.

Goodness of Aariketh’s
Jamun/Karela Juice (Madhuknocker) – POST TITLE

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