Here’s how Ayurveda medicines are helping in building immunity during Covid times.

Here's how Ayurveda medicines are helping in building immunity Covid times.

Immunity is essentially the difference between someone who is an asymptomatic covid carrier and someone who ends up in the ICU. Hence modulating immunity is key in these times. Notice that I said Immunomodulation and not boosting immunity as an overactive immune system will go into cytokine storms when effected by Novel Coronavirus. There are numerous supplements that modulate the immune system these include Vitamins such as Vitamin C and D, Amino Acids such as Lysine and Arginine and Minerals such as zinc. There are also numerous herbs that modulate immunity and these include Giloy, Turmeric, Andrographis and Tulsi.

Many have been taking them at the start of the pandemic but it seems like the interest in them has waned in time. People today are relying more and more on only the vaccine and the present situation in India is dismal to say the least.

However, there is now some startling new research and big data coming out that truly necessitates the use of certain herbs for covid prevention and treatment. On the big data front we see that China and Madagascar eliminated their covid problem by mandating the use of certain herbal formulas for covid. China mandated the use of a TCM formula containing Hypericums, Inula Racemosa, Andrographis and Glycyrhizza. It didn’t matter what tradition the treating Dr or Hospital was from. They all had to use the TCM formula when treating covid patients. 2 months after this mandate COVID infections in China died down completely. Madagascar promoted the use Covid organics containing Artemisia and neem. Not only did their mortality rate shoot down, the mortality rate also went below 0.5 % for every country that used Covid Organics. Artemisia soon became the main herb used in covid treatment. The max planck institute in Germany published a study showing how Artemisia breaks the bonds that a Covid spike protein makes to the cell. Other studies showed how Echinacea and ALpina Galanga molecularly dock into Coronavirus and help eliminate it from the body. Covid also needs medicines that our anti-coagulant and anti-inflammatory in nature and nature of course has some of the best solutions for that. Inula Racemosa was found by China as a particular brocho dilator effective in covid and the increase in SPo2 levels seen in the trial for Immunofree could be attributed to the use of Inula or Pushkarmool as it’s called in Ayurveda. Another lesser known aspect of Covid is the plausible understanding of how it effects the vagus nerve and then travels to the organs of the body. This is a more complete understanding than the nose to lungs route which aren’t directly connected to the pancreas let’s say. Hence toning the vagus nerve is also essential in covid and a few different plant species are possibly the only way to achieve that.

Any prophylactic or treatment protocol today should:

  1. Balance Immunity
  2. Keep the blood thin and fluid
  3. Fight Inflammation
  4. Tone the Vagus Nerve
  5. Dilate the Lungs
  6. Have intercellular transport mechanisms for active needed
  7. Dissolve Viral Envelopes
  8. Undock Virus from cells
  9. Dock into Virus
  10. Prevent Cytokine storms

These collective functions never were in one single ayurvedic or pharmaceutical formulas. Hence repurposing medicines for covid is a losing game the brunt of which we are all suffering. What is needed is new formulas that do all this and have proven themselves in randomized controlled trials for it. Immunofree and Reginmune are two such formulas that set a precedent by showing drastic daily reductions in viral load, inflammation, coagulation and broncho spasm. Hence it is logical for the thinking Indian to understand Ayurveda needs to come out of the shadows of immunity and right into the forefront of covid prevention and treatment!

Here’s how Ayurveda medicines are helping in building immunity during Covid times. – POST TITLE

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