Comfortable stay, meals, wifi – hotels are now offering ‘Covid vaccination packages’

Comfortable stay, meals, wifi - hotels are now offering 'Covid vaccination packages'

After tying up with hospitals to provide quarantine facilities, luxury hotels are now offering ‘Covid-19 vaccination packages’.

According to pamphlets doing the rounds on social media, Radisson Hotel in Hyderabad Hitec City has come up with a ‘vaccination package’, priced at Rs 2,999, which includes a comfortable stay, healthy breakfast, dinner and wifi, along with ‘vaccination by experts from a renowned hospital’ and ‘clinical consultation on request’.

Meanwhile, another hotel, The Lalit in Mumbai, is asking people to ‘get vaccinated and rest’ at their premises with two packages, called ‘Experience 1’ and ‘Experience 2’.

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The first, priced at Rs 3,500, allows people to rest at a hotel room after the vaccination for three to four hours. The package includes a ‘set meal’ as well. The second package allows those vaccinated to stay at the hotel overnight for Rs 5,000. This includes meals as well.

But the pamphlet has made it clear that the offer can be availed only on the day a person gets vaccinated. So people need to carry a valid vaccination certification to ‘avail the…experience’.

However, Twitter users have questioned the absence of any vaccination guidelines for hotels and also noted that with this, the Covid vaccine has become a ‘proper luxury item’.

A user asked how Radisson was getting the vaccines while one pointed out how the price was ‘unaffordable for many’.

The pamphlets also had some supporters on social media, with some terming the packages as ‘not a bad idea’.

Covid vaccines India:

In the past few months, the vaccination drive in India has witnessed several crests and troughs. States across the country have blamed vaccine shortage for either halting their vaccination efforts or slowing them down.

The month of May also saw a drop in the inoculation rate, dropping to 19 lakh a day compared to a daily average of 29 lakh per day in April.

However, the head of the CoWIN platform R.S. Sharma Friday said that the vaccination drive for people between age 18-45 years will pick up pace soon and the shortage of doses is a temporary problem.

Meanwhile, senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘theatrics’ for the second wave of the pandemic and called the government’s vaccination policy flawed Friday.

Speaking at a virtual press conference, Gandhi said that multiple waves of the pandemic would hit India if the strategy is not corrected and vaccinations continue at the current pace.

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