International Women’s Day : Guide for Healthy You

Women across the world manage different roles at home and work. Through research shows that the human mind is quite bad at multitasking , women often had to work hard and long to strike some sort of balance between the roles. But in all the juggling, they often forget to consider one of the most important things- their own health.

In the last 20 years, lifestyle diseases among women have skyrocketed . Be it overweight, PCOS, Thyroid, Hormonal imbalance, Diabetes, breast cancer, depression, or any other common lifestyle related issues, women are at a constant risk of developing chronic diseases primarily driven by stress, lack of physical activity, sleep deprivation and unhealthy eating habits.

This International Women’s Day we are covering Six different health issues that are very common with women’s health and will be sharing one simple solution that they can apply and feel better.

  • PCOS: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that is very common among women. one in every 6 women in India has PCOS. Taking medication for it is not as effective solution as changing lifestyle habits and improving on the quality of food intake. At the same time, We need to be aware that PCOS is absolutely reversible issue if one adopts better lifestyle and food habits.

Health Tip; One quick solution for PCOS is coriander seeds. ; 2 Spoons of coriander seeds to be overnight soaked in 1 glass of water. Strain and drink that water first thing in the morning. This works very well for reversing PCOS.

  • THYRIOD: Like PCOS, Thyroid is also due to hormonal imbalance. Around 12% women in India are suffering from Thyroid imbalances. Majority people tend to believe that thyroid is a life long diseases but the truth is that it is a lifestyle and not a lifelong diseases.

Health Tip; 2 Teaspoons of chia seeds are very effective for improving Thyroid. Soaks 2 tsp of Chia seeds in 1 Glass o0f water, let it be soaked for 15-20 mins; just drink that water with chia seeds.

  • Sleep : Good quality sleep is essential for maintaining an optimal health and well being, Right from cellular communication, hormonal balance, healthy Ageing to building immunity, Good sleep has several health benefits.

Health Tip: Banana Water is an excellent remedy to naturally getting good sleep, Take 21 ripe bananas, cut them into small pieces with the skin, put those small pieces in 1Ltr water and boil that water for 10 mins. After boiling, remove bananas and just take out 1 glass of water from that and have that banana water. It naturally helps in releasing Melatonin (Sleeping hormone).

  • Diabetes: Today India is known as a diabetes capital of the world, A lot of women post 40 yrs of age are being diagnosed with Diabetes or Pre- Diabetes. Moreover, Diabetes is such a lifestyle diseases that if not treated from its roots, it does give more complications to eyes, kidney and other organs.

Health Tip: Although eating more plant foods that are High in Fibre is the key to reversing Diabetes; 2 spoons of Bhindi seeds is an excellent remedy for reducing blood sugar level; Boil 1 glass of water with 2 spoons of bhindi seeds, Reduce 1 glass to half glass after boiling; strain and have the water.

  • Weight loss: 1 common issue that majority women are struggling is loosing weight. Weight loss has to be a by-product of becoming better. We should focus on creating a good and healthy system and as a result we should be loosing weight.

Health Tip: Having fruits on an empty stomach is one of the very good ways for weight loss. You can choose seasonal fruits however eating on an empty stomach is the key.

  • Indigestion: Day to day issues like gastric, constipation, bloating and indigestion are affecting the productivity of millions of women. Infact, the health of our gut is very important to our overall health and immunity.

Health Tip: Fermented Rice is an excellent probiotic; Soak 2 spoons of cooked rice overnight in a glass of water. First thing in the morning, have that 1 glass of water and also eat those 2 spoons of cooked rice that was soaked overnight.

When it comes to creating good health or reversing disease, it is our habits that will help us rather than following any diet, all we need is right awareness and Sustainable habits.

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