Musk Melon/ Kharbuja : Boon in Summers.

The days are getting warmer. That is why one needs to make certain changes to their daily routine and incorporate more seasonal fruits and vegetables. Fruits not only help keep the body hydrated and full but also help build ones immunity in the long run. While all fruits have their own benefits, one fruit that you must have as part of your summer diet is musk melon.

Relished for their sweetness and juiciness, musk melons are easily available in the market during this time of the year. Besides keeping your body hydrated, there are some other health benefits that the fruit offers.

Want to know more? Check out what celebrity nutritionist
Munmum Ganeriwal
had to say.

‘Musk melons are cooling and help in constipation, bladder infections, ulcers, fatigue, colitis, and blood pressure. Low in calories, it is also great for the skin and has eye-strengthening vitamin A. It ranks low on the glycaemic index while being high on nutrition. Eat it any way you like but do not miss the muskmelons this season,’ she said.

The fibber-content of musk melons helps add bulk to one’s diet and reduces constipation. The good amount of folic acid present in musk melons has anti-coagulant effects. These help in dissolving blood clots, reducing water retention and easing muscle cramping, and giving relief from pain.

Besides strengthening the eyes, vitamin A is also beneficial for the epithelial cells of the skin and keeps them healthy.

You can also make a delicious curry or sabzi of this wonder fruit!

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