45+ Get your Covid-19 Vaccination done!

The government on Tuesday decided to open up vaccination against coronavirus for everybody above 45 years of age from April 1st. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said all those who are eligible should immediately register and get vaccinated. As the drive is expanded, the government has come up with key messaging on the matter.

CoWIN platform has been amended to do away with the feature of the auto scheduling of the second dose on the 29th day. Beneficiaries have complete freedom to decide/choose the date of second dose within the extended interval of four to eight weeks according to their convenience.

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Beneficiaries are advised to take the second dose in the sixth-eighth week of the date of first dose. It is advisable not to delay beyond the eighth week as it may leave the beneficiary vulnerable.

Even if one is automatically scheduled for the second dose, the beneficiary is free to choose a day and date as per convenience between the extended period and reschedule the appointment by visiting www.cowin.gov.in

The government has opened up vaccination for everyone who is 45 years and above, irrespective of comorbidities.

*The cut-off date for the 45+years category is for those persons born before January 1, 1977.

*Comorbidities clause has been removed to make the system simpler

  • The CoWIN system will be open for registration and for booking of appointment of all persons of 45 years and above, from April 1, 2021. Onsite registration of such persons will also be permissible from April 1, 2021.
  • There is no shortage of vaccines in the country. People should not unnecessarily panic.

-Upon vaccination, beneficiaries must insist on receiving a hard copy or a digital copy / link of the vaccination certificate.

In private hospitals, this has been included in the fees charged from recipients. One may use the observation period of 30 minutes to ensure that the certificate is received. Do not return home without it.

If the hospital does not provide a certificate, the beneficiary may lodge a complaint at toll-free number 1075.

  • If a beneficiary has taken an online appointment for vaccination on CoWIN, there is no need to take any further appointment at private or public hospitals. If any hospital does not follow these guidelines of vaccination, then one must lodge a complaint at toll-free number 1075.

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